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Customer Relationship Management

Accelerate productivity and shorten the sales cycle with a fully integrated and automated customer relationship management system.

Our developers will work with you to build a tailored database which is interconnected and shared across systems so that every piece of information about your customers can be used for sales forecasting, segment marketing, servicing, and much more.

Cloud Services

Cloud-based services refer to applications, services or resources that are made available to users on demand via the Internet from a cloud computing provider’s servers. Allowing data and information to be shared, interconnected, and conveniently accessible to users.

Data may be the most valuable asset any company can have. The more organised this information is, the more you can utilize it to strengthen your relationship with your prospects, expand your customer base and generate sales.

Using the world’s #1 CRM system, Salesforce, IMS can help clients set up a digital environment which interconnects sales, marketing, services & support, web and analytics on a single platform.

Sales Cloud

Accelerate sales productivity by consolidating all customer information into one console so sales reps can close more deals faster. Data between marketing, sales and service cloud can be synchronized and gathered in a customized interface in the CRM database.

This data can be used for building customized dashboards and reports for forecasting and analysis, allowing management to get a real-time view of sales performance to support decision making.