Luxury and brand equity

Focus on luxury experiences and storytelling to build long-term brand equity

  • Premiumization strategies
  • Brand building
  • Consumer insights and analysis
  • Leadership seminars
  • Brand marketing strategy
  • Brand launch and value creation

Unlock extreme value creation and long-term luxury brand building

The growth of digital has allowed the luxury industry to expand in new ways, with brands competing to offer consumers exclusive and exciting moments at every touchpoint. As expectations of luxury consumers evolve to become more immersive and experience-focused, brands must ensure that their digital ecosystems enable them to deliver omnichannel storytelling.

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In today’s luxury market, consumers seek experiences that reflect the lifestyle and personal values that they aspire to. A well-crafted product is not enough to compete: emotional connection and a personalised brand-consumer relationship is critical to acquiring and retaining luxury consumers. IMS combines profound experience in the luxury industry with advanced digital capabilities: enabling premium brands to adopt customer-centric business and marketing models.

To facilitate two-way interaction with their target audiences, brands must understand what type of content consumers want, and on which channel – while carefully respecting brand heritage and exclusivity. Consumer insights, data intelligence, and a robust analytics programme empowers brands to curate the interactions they want with shoppers, and ultimately building long-term brand equity.


Luxury consumers in China

China is home to the world’s largest e-commerce market and fastest growing group of luxury shoppers. Thanks to a rapidly rising middle class, Chinese consumers are able and willing to spend on lifestyle upgrade: carefully selecting brands which reinforce their social status and personal brand image. They are also younger than luxury shoppers in other countries, and are China’s first generation of digitally native consumers. We can help you engage these savvy consumers at every touchpoint in the journey to brand discovery: leveraging the unique New Retail landscape and seamlessly combining content and e-commerce.

We can help you to:

  • Build interactive mini-programmes for an immersive brand experience;
  • Integrate content and campaigns with one-click purchases;
  • Leverage influencer (KOLs) and Key Opinion Consumer campaigns to reinforce brand image;
  • Create a compelling brand narrative based on consumer insights;
  • Segment luxury audiences into meaningful groups to optimise marketing campaigns.

Our luxury client base includes world-renowned brands in the fashion, automobile and beauty industry. For more information, please contact


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