Social Intelligence

Uncover actionable intelligence about your customers and target consumer groups

  • Market research and analysis
  • Brand monitoring and campaign analysis
  • Influencer analysis
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Social media monitoring
  • PR and crisis management
  • Audience insights and persona development
  • Data integration with Google Analytics, Salesforce, Power BI and more!

Omni-channel strategies need omni-channel insights

Make the leap from siloed data channels to a comprehensive understanding of what consumers are saying online. By crawling channels across millions of online sources, we unlock big data and transform it into digestible, actionable strategies.
IMS can help you to:
  • Monitor consumer reaction of a new product launch, shop opening, or market launch;
  • Analyze emerging market trends or conduct competitor benchmarking;
  • Conduct social media monitoring and optimisation;
  • Compare brand sentiment analysis across different audience segments from different locations;
  • Develop your understanding of brand-consumer interaction to inform future campaigns;
  • Conduct influencer analysis to find users with the highest impact among your ideal target audiences. And so much more!

Turn social data into awareness, engagement and sales

Whatever idea you have, we can turn into a reality.
If you are able to listen, consumers are constantly giving feedback about what they like or dislike about your brand, and your competitors! We will help you sort through market noise to reveal genuine insights that can be used to optimize your marketing campaigns, social media strategy, and refine your brand storytelling.
Whether you are a new brand looking to build your online presence or an established brand looking to appeal to a new generation of consumers, IMS uses social intelligence to build data-driven marketing strategies that reflect real-time consumer preferences.

Extraordinary decision-making through stunning data visualization

Empower your marketing, sales, customer service and management teams through stunning data visualization displays with real-time data.
Access a world of knowledge at your fingertips and achieve truly transformative results. Align teams from different departments – and even different continents – by providing a 360-degree view of your social media, website, sales, and marketing data.


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