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Mini app development for social platforms
E-commerce strategy
Social media management (WeChat, Weibo, QQ, & more)
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Empower your digital marketing in China

Tap into a market ripe with opportunities for businesses to drive direct sales or support e-commerce activity by third-party distributors. From account set-up to content marketing and HTML 5 development for mini-apps: we’ve got you covered.
We offer comprehensive solutions that optimize the benefits of different platforms based on your objectives. By leveraging technology to tell your brand story, we can create resounding consumer experiences that turn every customer into a vocal brand advocate.
One size does not fit all when it comes to strategic marketing to China. Chinese consumers interact and use social media channels in a different way – even to other Asian markets – and are used to great content and personalised interactions. Our locally-based team will optimize UX of your social accounts to ensure your channels are adapted to the Chinese market. We’ll advise you on the latest trends to help drive engagement, increase sales and get better brand recognition in this market rich with unique opportunities.
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