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By taking the robot out of the human, automation software mimics a series of manual tasks in a process, and does so more quickly, tirelessly, and without margin for human error.
We provide full support in the roll-out of your strategy. RPA can respond to a variety of business processes, from general activities such as financing and accounting, to core activities such as data entry and journal recording, and support activities such as compliance and regulation. From identifying opportunities for automation to training your staff, we help you future-proof your business.
From fluff to measurable value: how to calculate ROI for customer experience
How can SMEs drive growth through digital transformation? What does it mean to be digitalised? In today’s highly competitive market, one thing is for certain: a CRM system and a couple of social media posts won’t cut it. Just because your business processes are digitised doesn’t mean you will drive growth or achieve a lean business model.
The Power of Platform Businesses: How to Enable Value Creation Having the right technology is crucial for enabling the interactions and relationships in platform business models. What other factors enable sustainable value-creation?